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In the field of hosts offering unlimited everything, JustHost differentiates itself with its very affordable and cheap cpanel hosting. For only $3.45 per month, who could argue with unlimited disk space, domain names (though customers still have to pay for domains other than the one that comes with the package), POP3/IMAP e-mail accounts, monthly bandwidth, parked domains, e-mail forwarding, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and sub-domains?

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JustHost Review

With unlimited everything on demand, it would seem hard to fault JustHost for their offerings. Some might worry that with unlimited everything that Just Host’s server farm would be inundated, but their server farms are running LINUX on quad-core CPUS and there appear to be very few customers who have complains about the performance of JustHost’s offerings. If one was interested in being particularly nitpicky, they could attack the hokey image galleries, but so few consumers seem to use image galleries these days that such a complaint would be nearly meaningless.

One of the best aspects of JustHost’s solitary package is that JustHost actually offers a very useful marketing package. $25 worth of Google ad credits is fairly common, as is the $25 on Yahoo! advertising, but JustHost shows that they’re aware of the social networking age by throwing in a hefty $50 of MySpace advertising credits. In addition, JustHost offers WordPress support, which is obviously important for anyone trying to monetize their web presence via a blog, and potentially ties in directly with advertising on social networking sites such as a MySpace. There are a few other promotional credits available, but they seem thrown in as a way to generate ticks on a comparison chart than they seem actually likely to prove useful to the burgeoning web developer.

Among JustHost’s more useful features are the Joomla! Support, 24/7 toll free support, and access to the ever-so-popular cPanel that allows for incredibly easy maintenance and tracking on all of one’s sites from a single, easy to use user interface. Different users may have their own preferences and thus find different features to their liking, but power users and serious web designers are probably not going to find what they’re looking for at JustHost unless they’re looking for something that is very basic and down to earth.

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