FatCow proudly displays a catchphrase that unequivocally states that they blow away the competition. Bold words from a bovine with a weight problem, but FatCow certainly does not blow the competition away with options, as there is really only a single option, but it is an option worth looking at for those who just a cheap cpanel hosting plan without all of the options and choices to make.  Plus get 50% off with through our site.  With that, one could consider FatCow’s claim to be that of blowing the competition away in terms of making hosting simple, but that is not the basis for the claim. The basis for the claim is that FatCow is investing heavily in wind energy, and thus marketing itself as a green web host.

Putting the green aspect of FatCow aside, their solitary hosting plan is quite reasonable. $66 a year for unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail boxes, and unlimited customizable FTP accounts is quite reasonable by today’s standards, though those looking to save a few dollars by omitting a few features might want to look for another web host. As with virtually every other top tier web host, FatCow offers search engine credits of questionable utility, a slightly customizable e-commerce suite and clearing service, as well as a handful of tweakable scripts that are cutely referred to as the Script Barn. A WYSIWYG web-based site builder and access to 24/7 support round out the package.

The Moo Crew, as Fat Cow calls their tech support staff, are available via e-mail 24/7, and are frequently online and available a toll-free 888 number as well. Not all of FatCow’s competitors make such an effort to be accessible, and this can be very helpful for someone just getting starting to get a handle on web hosting. Considering the very few complaints regarding FatCow on web host review sites, it seems unlikely that anyone would be calling or trying to contact FatCow about downtime.

Ultimately, FatCow is a great solution for those that do not know what they need, or those that need the storage and bandwidth, but do not need a great deal of performance. The including website building tools and applications all seem to work quite well, but are not going to be the basis of a website that screams for attention in any positive way. That is not necessarily a negative aspect isolated to FatCow’s offerings, as few web hosts have eye-popping templates these days.

2 thoughts on “FatCow

  1. Fat cow and ipage are both rubbish services. They do not offer any independent cpanel anymore, all they offer is only a members area control panel that is very similar to cpanel. Refund and cancellation for fat cow and ipage is worst.

    Just host is far better than both of them. Hostgator is the next choice but a bit expensive thant just host.
    As for as fat cow and ipage, best to avoid.

  2. I’ve been with Fatcow for 4 months. No real problems. The support time was kind of slow, but for their price, I am very happy.

    I moved to Fatcow from Webhosting Pad, which is a terrible company with bad hosting…

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